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Trezor Model T


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The Trezor Model T is the latest Hardware Wallet from Prague based Satoshi Labs. The Model T offers a number of functions over and above simple Private Key storage that will appeal to different sections of the Crypto Community.

Password Manager : As well as it’s Crypto Wallet functions Trezor offers a Password Manager, which will encrypt all your website passwords, so unless someone physically has your Trezor Device they are unable to log into the site.

U2F: We’ve all heard of 2FA, Google’s Two-Factor Authentication protocol. Trezor offers U2F ‘Universal Second Factor’ which, when a site offers U2F, allows you to secure entry to the site by a password and a U2F key generated by your Trezor Wallet. Security Guru’s prefer U2F over 2FA as it is both simpler and arguably more secure. If you’ve heard of ‘Yubikey’ then you know what U2F is, and Trezor has it.

Trezor features a twelve world restore key, pass phrases and shamir sharing functionality.  Whilst it is probably less user friendly than the Ledger Nano S it is packed with more functionality that, if you take the time to learn it, will greatly increase the security of your Crypto Assets.

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