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Free Gift

$75 Free Gift for all our Customers

Every person that buys a Crypto Wallet or CryptoSteel product from our site will receive a free package of products worth $75 usd.

This site and our Parent Company NestEgg OÜ exist to help Crypto Owners just like you protect their Crypto Assets. The Free gifts we offer are designed to do just that.

Your Free Gifts

Free Gift 1 :   The NestEgg Crypto Inheritance Course (Free)

This online course will show you how to quickly build your own Crypto Inheritance Plan. This Plan will ensure that your loved-ones can find and access your Crypto Assets if something unexpected should ever happen to you.

I’m sure you’ve read the stories of large and small sums of Crypto being lost when the Owner passes away without having made plans for those assets to be passed to their Families.  This Course is a step-by-step video guide to helping you set up your own plan in a couple of hours**. We provide Video and Text Lessons as well as the default documentation you need as well as briefings on the risks and legal considerations involved.

Free Gift 2 : The Advanced Crypto Inheritance Course ($15 value)

Once your first Inheritance Plan is setup you may well want to gradually improve it over time. There is no such thing as a perfect Crypto Inheritance Plan so our Advanced Course offers a more in-depth look at the issues involved.  (This course is still in the Planning Stages and the first lessons are scheduled to launch in Q4 2020)

Free Gift 3: A Six Month Free Trial of the NestEgg Crypto Inheritance App ($60 value).

Over the last two years NestEgg has been working on a web based application to help users write and maintain their own Crypto Inheritance Plan.

The application helps users maintain an accurate Inventory and the Information their loved-ones will need, saving all information in decentralised storage. No sensitive (secret) information is saved in this App, this is an admin tool.

The NestEgg App DOES NOT control your Cryptos and does not need access to your Wallets or Exchange Accounts. It is a tool to help you build and maintain an Inheritance Plan, not an escrow service

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak the launch of the App has been delayed though we are working to launch in late 2020. More information is available at

So…if you’re looking for a Hardware Wallet and you want to make sure that your Family and Cryptos are protected from the unexpected then we hope you will buy your Wallet here.

Adam Daniel
CEO NestEgg OÜ
Locked down at home in Barcelona, April 2020.

** This is the average time it has taken our test users to complete their own Inheritance Plans. You may need more or less time.

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